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The Solution to COVID-19 Aftermath Issues   You Still Face is Automated, Cost-Effective            and Respectful Diversion Support         

Revenues and Accounting                          Provided Daily                           Monthly Automatic - Full                            Reconcilliation 

A National Solution and Everything You Need for Diversion, Reduction, Community Service, and Ordinance Violation Management 

Our efficient, secure system and highly trained staff provide complete

 Diversion Program Support of Capability without Compromise or Complexity.


Far better than video, it ensures adjudication while providing many additional benefits. 

There is no need for violators to attend court. It has no cost and you retain complete control.

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Informatics and our well-trained help desk staff combine to provide a complete support solution

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All revenues and reports go daily to as many agencies as you wish. We handle all administrative details

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We manage all phases of your program:  registration, contact, help desk, payment,  archives, and reporting

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Participants have easy online access to apply, register, submit ticket and completion certificate, check status and pay


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Online, cloud-based platform allows you to check case status and instantly pull critical reports


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All evidence for each case is permanently archived and available anytime wherever you log-in


About Us

About Us

Diversion Management was developed to provide secure, reliable, and inexpensive diversion and reduction manage-ment support. We can handle as few or as many files as you wish to send, as you alone decide. It is the perfect support for your efforts during this terrible time.   

Use Our Office
to Extend Yours

We oversee and monitor each case to collect, record, and store in a datavault under your control; all evidentiary documents such as ticket copies, abstracts if required, application and registration forms, contacts with participants, certificates of course completion, requests for adjournment, notifications, and all reports.

We monitor to ensure that each violator/participant meets all conditions including application, registration, payment, document submission, and of course, completion within the time allowed. We report everything to you.

We accomplish this by providing a simple, efficient, ultra-secure technology, and trained personnel that are available as contacts for the participant throughout the process. We see our office and operation as an extension of your own and ensure that our respectful, efficient approach is entirely complimentary to yours.


3859 N. Buffalo Rd., Suite 17

Orchard Park, NY 14127 


3379 Peachtree Rd., Ste. 555, Atlanta, GA  30326

1308 NE 2nd Terrace                        Cape Coral, FL 33909


741 Avignon Drive, Suite E, Ridgeland, Mississippi 39157


If you are a Prosecutor looking to reduce work, support COVID-19 Guidelines, or streamline your Diversion and Reduction Programs, we are the answer you are looking for.

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