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At No Cost or Obligation to Your Office ....

We will handle whatever files you send us - as few or as many files as you wish. You alone decide who is approved by simply clicking-on names on the live Master File. The system is available 24/7.


Applicants register for participation in your program and you decide who and what violations you want to process. Almost any low level offense can be supported.  If on the other hand, you have sent a list, then we will assume you want those handled. The fee for all offenses is 10% per file paid by the violator and is complete. No other charges or fees of any kind are involved. We provide everything needed including a Certified payment portal, all file elements in the package scanned and sent to your personal data vault (that we provide) and, tracking of certificate of completion, all reporting and, other requirements.

In addition to vehicle and traffic offenses, we can also handle Aggravated Unlicensed Operation (AUO), (if you wish), Failure to Stop for School Bus, Reckless Driving, Uninsured Operation, and 30+ MPH over the Speed Limit, Ordinance Violations, Shoplifting, Anger Management, Community Service and more.  Please see the list of violations we handle in RESOURCES.  

If you have a backlog of unadjudicated V&T violations, we can help. We can process, mail notices, provide DMV-approved courses, monitor compliance, provide collection and full Help Desk support  and ensure that your every requirement is fully and professionally met. 

Pricing includes all services listed elsewhere on this site. The interactive spreadsheet ensures that you retain total control at all times and, as noted, you can approve or dismiss any application at any time. We need only to know the last court date per month for each court to configure certification submission date requirements. We can, if you wish, determine and sort the files by jurisdiction/court and provide that report monthly as well. This too, is just another service provided to you without cost.

We have no unhappy customers .... that is why we do this.  We are confident that you will be pleased, tell others and never stop using the system.  No user has ever turned it off.  


Call or email us at:

(585) 250-6050/ (866) 250-6050

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