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Let Us Help You Handle COVID's Aftermath - We Manage Diversion and Reduction Programs 
So You Don't Have To

Meet DiversionConnect

- Where Work Happens

       Whatever diversion and reduction means to you, DiversionConnect™ brings all the pieces and people together so you can ensure that all the work gets done

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 Features You Will Appreciate

Unlimited Cases

DiversionConnect™ gives you the ability to manage an unlimited number of cases at very little cost to you or to participants, (we support both you and them).

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  • Bulk Case Management: This accommodates uploads of large numbers of cases at once ... at any time and, from anywhere.

  • Automatically Generates Documents: All fields from any and all documents can be used to generate reports to support evidentiary requirements.

  • NEW:  Daily Reporting and Revenue Distribution - Full Reconciliation and Online - By Phone, and By Mail Payment Integration: Connect to your financials online 24/7. We maintain financial and status records for every case. Status reports are available anytime, with automatic distribution to each Jurisdiction

A Secure Cloud-Based System

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Access your cases anytime and anywhere you have an Internet connection. With our efficient and easy-to-use interface, just login and forget about the mess of managing physical files.

  • Online Document Storage: DiversionConnect™ allows you to upload and store an unlimited number of important documents related to each case.

  • Mobile-Friendly: A WiFi-based solution available in any browser-based environ-ment including mobile devices.  Everything can happen on a smartphone.

Easy Case Import and Export

Use DiversionConnect's violator update tool to  

import new case information, individually or in bulk 

or we will do it for you. Easily create/export document 

packs or reports for local courts and other agencies.

Store any evidence-related materials securely in your                                      datavault, (which we provide), and access it easily                                        and securely from anywhere.


DiversionConnect™ organizes your case files and can                                      make management of your entire diversion and                                            reduction program easy.

  • Real Time Case Reporting: General status and details whenever you need them.

  • Data Recovery:  Don't let a data disaster ruin your hard work!  All data is stored securely and is easily recoverable.

  • Financial Tracking Reports: DiversionConnect™ has transactional, court, and payment reports available for individual cases and within any given time frame.

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Automate Your Accounting


We track and make sure participants pay their fees and complete their work online, by phone, or by mail.


We use our DiversionConnect™ proprietary platform to accurately track fee payments for you. You will automatically receive your monthly reconciliation report and consolidated check ... simple as that.

At the center is a powerful accounting program linked to a master case file, enabling us to keep track of payers, amounts, and dates -- all while providing 24/7/365 viewable access to you and your staff online.

Diversion Program accounting has never been easier – let us organize, prioritize, automate, and manage all your payments and distribution to as many agencies and local courts as required. It's all included in our service packages at no additional charge.

Email, Fax and Toll-Free Hotline Support

We provide support with a dedicated hotline for participants and answer questions about the program, their individual cases, or use of the website.

Our respectful staff responds in an efficient and timely manner to reduce the call volume and other burdens on your office.

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Low Pricing

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Diversion Management's end-to-end total management system is the best value possible. It is a full-featured, secure, web-based diversion program that saves money while generating substantial new revenues. We provide low, all-inclusive, per case pricing with no additional or hidden fees of any kind. 


Its total case management for one low price and, you can send as few or as many files as you wish.

Our Office Is Your Office

The entire DiversionConnectprocessing center

and staff becomes your customized office.

but, you maintain complete control.

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